BIM Consulting Services

What is BIM Consulting?

BIM is a method for organising and managing all aspects of a project’s data, resulting in a Building Information Model (BIM), which contains digital descriptions for every part of the physical structure.

BIM consulting is a process-based method for collaborative project coordination that is becoming increasingly important in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

How much does BIM cost?

The cost of a BIM service can vary depending on a number of factors such as a project’s size and complexity. Get in touch with us at 02 9262 2965 or send us your project’s requirements to and our qualified BIM consultants will provide you with a quote.

What does a BIM Developer do?

A BIM developer designs and constructs a 3D BIM model using plans and drawings from other contractors.

What are the benefits of BIM services?

BIM services are beneficial at every stage of a project’s life cycle, including after construction is completed. Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows projects to be built virtually before they are physically built, while also removing many of the inefficiencies and issues that occur during construction.


The benefits of BIM services include:

  • Improved onsite collaboration and communication 
  • More accurate model-based cost estimation
  • Visualising projects in the preconstruction phase
  • Better coordination and clash detection
  • Mitigating risks and reducing costs
  • Improved scheduling/sequencing
  • Increased productivity with prefabrication 
  • Better safety on construction sites
  • Stronger execution of overall builds
  • Streamlined facility management and strengthened building handovers

BIM Consulting

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a 3D model-based approach that allows professionals in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to plan, design, construct and manage infrastructure plus buildings.

What are BIM Architects?

BIM architects or developers build and create accurate 3D models of buildings during the pre-construction phase. This allows them to see a representation of the building and how it will operate.

BIM Services

What are some examples of BIM projects?

Examples of BIM modelling, management and coordination are available in our BIM Projects section. For more information, get in touch with our team at 02 9262 2965.

What are some BIM activities?

A few examples of BIM activities that we specialise in include:

  • BIM Management – for clients who have already appointed the contractors and designers for a project, but require an independent company to manage the BIM process.
  • Design BIM coordination – for clients who have various design consultants assigned to a project working on different services, who need to combine all the drawings and models into one single BIM model.
  • Construction BIM coordination – where we coordinate all other disciplines that make up the building structure while providing constructible models that are ready for accurate manufacture and installation.
  • Multi Services 3D Modelling and Detailing – where we produce a 3D model of your project and create complete drawings for clash detection and review, component drawings for manufacture plus installation, as well as plant room and service corridor layouts.
  • Clash review and reports – where we provide a 3D model to analyse and identify project issues before construction.
  • Model Population for facilities management counselling – where we populate the 3D model to provide a point of reference for facilities management, operation and maintenance.
  • 3D point cloud laser scanning – where an accurate survey of your building project is produced using laser scanning.

What is the function of BIM?

BIM allows all stakeholders on the building project to view every aspect of a project’s data. BIM is a critical component of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry as it allows project managers to gain a full overview of projects.

BIM Consultants

What is BIM planning?

BIM planning is a method for the planning, execution, operation, and implementation of building projects in a single location. By unifying all multidisciplinary design and construction documentation into a single dataset, the BIM planning process allows for the efficient development plus management of information alongside construction throughout the lifecycle of an AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) project.

Building Information Modelling BIM

What are the 4 stages of BIM?

The four stages of BIM implementation are:

  1. Evaluation/Assessment
  2. Preparation for the transition/Project pre-planning
  3. Execution of the plan/design and construction
  4. Operations and maintenance

What is building information modelling software?

BIM software is a 3D design and modelling program that can aid in optimising design work in the fields of architecture, construction, plant, civil and MEP. It accomplishes this by assisting in the development of better design decisions, efficient development, management of information, and construction of the project.

How is BIM used in construction?

BIM allows architects, engineers, and builders to anticipate plus avoid probable building dangers through design modifications. Contractors may also safely lead their workers through each step of the workflow while documenting the entire process in order to comply with safety rules and pass on-site inspections.

Why is BIM important in construction?

The value of BIM can easily be shown in its implementation. It aids in the coordination, planning, design plus construction of precise and accurate data. It helps in the estimation of project costs, feasibility, and timelines. It also assists with the standardisation of data as it passes through the project, whether at a desk or on the ground.

Is BIM useful for construction?

By visualising and organising site logistics ahead of time, BIM can assist in improving construction safety and avoiding physical risks by identifying hazards before they become problems. In addition to this, BIM helps with improving onsite collaboration, providing a more accurate cost estimation and increased productivity.

Is BIM useful for civil engineering?

Building Information Modelling is useful for a wide range of structural and civil projects. BIM also increases the efficiency of various planning, operational and execution components of a building design project, as well as for infrastructure construction projects or facility management projects.

3D Laser Scanning Technology

How accurate is 3D laser scanning?

Depending on a number of environmental factors, a 3D laser scan can be accurate from 0.002 inches up to 0.197 inches or 0.051 millimetres to 5 millimetres. This high level of precision ensures that measurements are precise the first time, requiring less effort to complete design and production procedures.

What is laser 3D scanning?

Laser scanning is a popular land surveying tool for measuring and collecting data from objects, surfaces, buildings plus landscapes with great accuracy. Point cloud data, which is made up of millions of 3D coordinates (XYZ coordinates) is collected using laser scanners.

BIM Consulting Sydney

What is a BIM consultant?

A BIM consultant is involved in assisting project owners in resolving people, process and technology issues while delivering custom solutions plus technology integrations for architects in the engineering and construction industries.

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