Construction BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is an advanced 3D modelling process widely adopted by architects and various stakeholders in the construction sector. It encompasses the creation of detailed digital 3D models, tools for planning, design, and managing the built environment throughout the asset lifecycle. BIM enhances efficiency, safety, and sustainability while aligning with budget requirements.

BIM For Construction Engineering

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At BimServe we regard providing proficient coordinated building services drawings for MEP (M&E) Consulting Engineers and MEP (M&E) Building Services Contractors for engineering and construction projects as our one of the most important skills.

As part of our construction BIM management and BIM for construction engineering services we coordinate all building services such as:

  • HVAC
  • Pipework
  • Electrical
  • Public Health-related disciplines

We also coordinate all other disciplines which make up the building structure and internal fabric to provide constructible models that are data-rich and ready for exporting out for accurate procurement, fabrication and installation purposes.

What’s the difference between Construction BIM & Design BIM?

The main difference between design BIM and construction BIM is the buildability and installation/future access requirements to services.

Our consultants have 20+ years each in the design construction industry and have worked on various BIM projects (big and small). We pride ourselves on providing solutions in the best interests of our clients for their project.

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We have our own team of Sydney based consultants and are based in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

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Our diverse client based has allowed us to work on a range of projects in different sectors such as healthcare, commercial, construction and government.

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