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Design BIM coordination for projects is where our clients have different design consultants assigned to the project working on individual services. The role of design BIM coordination is to integrate the design services into an independent BIM management process.

What’s involved?

This process concentrates on modelling and coordination elements from each designer to ensure that the design is constructible and allows for services access, maintenance and egress. It does not look at the fabrication requirements of the model.

The coordination occurs through the creation of a virtual 3D BIM model, which offers multiple advantages to our customers.

Advantages of a 3D Model

Major advantages include a provision of a ‘clash report’, which ensures that all systems are fully integrated. When all services components are placed accurately, there are no spatial issues on site.

Integrated models ensure there are no delays and disagreements when the project comes to the construction stage. It also improves communication between different parties involved, since the 3D model can be viewed and walked through easily for demo, review, value engineering or QA purposes. 3D models allow for any number of views, sections and detailed drawings to be produced readily and rapidly.

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